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We have published a selection of inspiring music clips from some of our best performers around Southern Africa.
Be sure to check back here regularly for new videos, as we update this section!

Jonathan – Dawn Cruise Lineup

Jonathan performing in the Stardust Theater entertaining the guests at the Welcome Aboard Show.

Ella Mental – See Yourself

Vocalist Heather Mac and guitarist Tim Parr, Ella Mental were formed in 1984 and released  “See Yourself (Clowns)”.

eVoid – Taximan

eVoid were a new wave band, who become one of the most successful and influential South African punk bands.

Tim Parr – Silver & Gold

We are delighted to announce his first new single “Silver and Gold”  – the first ever recording to feature Tim on piano.

Pierre De Charmoy – Live On

Pierre de Charmoy is a top South African performer who is best known for his South African hit ‘Live On’.

Face To Face – Night of the Long Knives

Concert held at Ellis Park Stadium, Johannesburg on the 12th January 1985 in aid of Operation Hunger.